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Consumables business

On April 12, 2017, Xin Printing Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a lease agreement for the consumables production plant at the signing ceremony...

Printing business

Adopting the "printing center + window store" model, the company will transform the small printing shop into an order-receiving window through the acquisition of printing plants...

Equipment business

Although China's office leasing market is still in its infancy, there are currently more than 10 million registered enterprises in China, and office equipment is an indispensable business...

Training business

The company will cooperate with educational institutions to carry out printing technology training courses, covering printing equipment operation...

About US

Xin Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a developer of cultural and creative products and a fast printing service provider guided by the three-level governments of Hunan Province, cities and counties, invested by Pacific Securities, and invested by the majority of printing entrepreneurs. With the goal of creating the world's largest fast-printing chain brand, the company takes the establishment of an online and offline fast-printing network system and online and offline supply-side solutions for fast-printing stores as the starting point, and combines the three major scientific and technological battles of new materials, new equipment and artificial intelligence to build the fastest and most affordable fast-printing system for the balanced distribution of fast-printing chain stores in the country and the operation of online transfer to subordinate places. The company is also promoting the development of China Fast Printing along the "Belt and Road" along the planning of products, industries, brands and cultures, and deploying the industrial pattern of "the world's fast printing looks at China, and China's fast printing looks at the new printing".?

Products and services



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